Friday, September 21, 2007

Change Is Comin'

(Kitty) Only God knows what's going to happen for sure, but changes are coming. John has an interview with a great company in the San Francisco area next week. Kitty is about to change positions with her local RWA (Romance Writers of America) chapter, and being in San Francisco could be good for her. More than anything, though, we want God to send us wherever He wants us to go. We'll let you know what happens!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


(Kitty) I've been meaning to post this for a month! But it's been a busy month! :) Turns out four sets of friends have "recently" found out they are pregnant - and one already has the new baby because it's taken me forever to get this up! LOL!

Mel & Andrew and Baby Turnham

Mel & Andrew are our great friends from Sydney, and we were thrilled to hear they became pregnant recently. Baby Turnham is due in February and plans on surprising his/her parents with his/her gender. Here is a picture of what he or she looked like last month. I plan to finish crocheting Baby T's baby blanket sometime in the next year or two.

Andrea & Brady and Baby Justin Nasfell

Andrea and Brady are long-time friends in the LA area. Justin was born on August 26 (my own mother's birthday!). We saw him at church this past Sunday and wow! I forget how tiny 3-week-old babies can be! His parents look tired, but happy. His big sister Emma was all smiles. Here he is right after he was born.

Dave & Ann Marie and Baby Barndt

Few babies have so many loving prayers lifted up to our Heavenly Father before their birth as little Baby Barndt. He or she is a little fighter, tenacious and determined. He/she already has two fantastic big brothers who are helping Mom and Dad out while Mom rests. Another ten weeks or so and Baby Barndt will be big enough to be born if he/she insists on it. Please pray mother and child continue strong and healthy, and that God's unsur
passing peace enfolds the whole family while they wait.

John & Karine and Baby Woldhuis

John and Karine are also wonderful friends from our church back in Sydney. They are currently missionaries in Loja, Ecuador along with their little angel girl, Evie. Karine is just a few months pregnant and is going to have their baby in Quito, Ecuador. The pictures of the country are beautiful, but I'm sure the pictures of the new baby will be even more beautiful.


I'm sorry, but I can't resist! You all know that I go mushy in the knees quicker over puppies than babies. :) My sister Bonnie's dog, Mooch, died a few months ago after 15 years of working with Bonnie and her therapeutic riding program (using horses to give physical therapy, see On her birthday, August 27, friends gave Bonnie a new puppy named Duke - because he was born on John Wayne's birthday. He's a 3-month-old black and white border collie. Bonnie says he's quiet, smart, loving and already attached to her side. I'm sure he and all the horses and kids are going to be very good friends.
Isn't he just precious?

Friday, September 14, 2007

John's Birthday Invitation!

(Kitty) Hi guys! Sorry it's been so long since we've posted. I was out of town for two weeks, then the last week has been crazy busy. But part of what's keeping us busy is planning John's 40th birthday party. Check out the invitation! (Ignore the fact that the picture color is off. It looks a lot better printed. :) )