Friday, April 25, 2008

Kitty has her motorcycle license!
Kitty just called me from outside the DMV and told me she passed her written motorcycle DMV test! She will have her official motorcycle license in a couple of weeks! A few of you knew that Kitty took the motorcycle course a couple of weeks ago and passed with flying colors. She called the DMV earlier this week and made an appointment to take the written test early this morning. She got the maximum allowed number wrong (you only allowed 4 wrong on the test,) but passed! We won't be rushing out to buy her a motorcycle yet, she will be sharing my bike when I don't drive it to work.
Don't worry, pictures of Kitty on my bike will be hitting the web as soon as possible!


Monday, April 14, 2008

Where I work

Many of you might wonder what the place looks like where I work. Well, thanks to obsessive fanboys, I can show you! On a sight called, it seems that they had a photographer who found out where we are working on the movie and sneaked onto a public jogging trail with a telephoto lens to take pictures of our building. A bunch of the employees got a good chuckle on the intensity of the article showing, of all things, WHERE WE EAT!! Just to give you a quick overview, we are working at the Howard Hughes Center. Here is where Howard Hughes created the airplane the H-4 Hercules, nicknamed the "Spruce Goose." They are currently building an office park around the core of the original Hughes buildings (we are working in one of them.) Here are some of the pics:
This gives you the best view of our building. It's the medium sized building on the left side of the picture. We think the photographer was in someones yard for this picture.
Here is a picture of a couple of trailers used for mocap people, and the food tent where we get our food for breakfast and lunch. That's the back of our building in the picture.
This last picture is a tarp covering one of our props. The fanboy was SO PSYCHED when he was able to show you the alien plant under the tarp.
Well, I know you guys are interested in the plant, but I'm more interested in showing you MY BIKE that made it into the spy photos! While you might be disappointed about not seeing the plant, at least you can console yourself that you did, in fact, see a bike that is being driven by an employee of James Cameron (Truth be told: I did not want to show anything that might spoil the movie or incur the wrath of Mr. Cameron.)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Career

Many of you know that I work in the film industry. Many of you know that I tell you that I can be very busy. A co-worker of mine, named Eric, found this on YouTube and felt that it summed a typical work day during crunch time. Watch and enjoy, they did a great job on it.