Saturday, June 01, 2013

My New Book Is Out!

I'm so excited! My new book, Unexpected Superhero, came out today! Woo-hooo!!!

It's a Kindle exclusive for 90 days as an ebook, and will be available in other ebook formats after September 1. In a week or two, I'll have the print edition ready. John did the cover - pretty sweet, huh? It's book one in the Adventures of Lewis and Clarke series, with book two coming out next year.

Life has been pretty busy for John and I both since Christmas. John is working overtime at Sony, and I'm working on building my writing business. The print version of Little Miss Lovesick came out in November and has been doing well.

As soon as I finish the print version of Unexpected Superhero, I'll be working on getting the next book out. Love at the Fluff and Fold is book one in the Strays of Loon Lake series, a romantic comedy series set in a quiet little lake town. It should be ready about mid-July. Fun stuff!

Other than me crazy busy with my business, and John working hard on the Sony Playstation game and then coming home and creating book covers for me, life is pretty normal. I try to take work to the beach once a week or so to take advantage of living in this awesome little town. And we try to see our friends further north (Los Angeles and Temecula areas) once every month or two. Price of gas makes that more difficult, but we do get to see people some.

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I hope you're all well and happy and having a good start to your summer! Let me know if you decide to read any of my books. It would make my day!