Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Weird Things To See In LA

(Kitty) Have I told you this before? One of the weirdest things I've seen in LA, I see a lot of in Santa Monica specifically. That is people pushing baby strollers that are filled with everything except babies. My impression is that all of these people are street people, but that may or may not be true. Whoever these men and women are, they are walking the streets with dirty old baby strollers filled with all kinds of "stuff." Perhaps all their worldly possessions? Perhaps cans and bottles for recycling? I don't know.

But I saw two of them today and it struck me as it always does - as just plain weird.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back to Work!

(Kitty) John and I have had several friends affected by the Writers Guild of America strike (Hollywood screenwriters, if you haven't been following this), but one couple we've been praying for a lot because they're both screenwriters. Being unemployed is difficult (John and I know about that!), but to both become unemployed at the same time and for the same reason - eek! To show my support, I delivered brownies to the strike line at the beginning of the strike in November. And last week I walked with my friend in front of Fox Studios.

At church on Sunday, she and her husband called me over to tell me the good news - the strike is as good as over! Thank you, God! Now people can get back to paying their car payments on time. Whew!

On a similar note, I am feeling that "back to work" feel more than ever! I decided last week that I'm never going to make a living as a writer if I do "everything else" first every day. So I'm now starting my day with my work - writing - and trying to fit "everything else" into the spaces after that. Now I see why I wasn't writing as fast as I should have been! There is no room for everything I've put into my life! So...I'm working on a plan to decrease the amount of "stuff" I have to do and the amount of time I take to do it. Difficult, but I'm already finding some other people in my life are stepping up and volunteering to take some of the load. Again - thank you, God! Maybe 2008 will turn out to be the kind of writing year I've been waiting for!

Friday, February 01, 2008

There is Hope

I found this art piece titled "There is hope" by a talented young fellow named Reid Southen on He is a 19yo art student who lives in Rochester Hills, Michigan.
As a Christian, it shows to me the hand of God reaching down to those who are in need of his help.
A very strong and wonderful piece of art.