Friday, November 18, 2011

We're Moving Back to LA!

(Kitty) If you haven't heard yet, we are moving back to America next week! John's work on Happy Feet 2 ended and a job he thought was going to happen after that here in Sydney didn't pan out. So due to visa restrictions, we had to hurry and pack up our apartment in TWO WEEKS! Yikes!

The movers left yesterday so now - whether we shipped things we shouldn't have or are paying to take on the plane things that should have been shipped - we are taking a deep breath...and going to the beach!!

Today it is supposed to be 30 degrees Celsius! That's mid to high 80s with a LOT of humidity. John and I took an early morning walk today in our favorite park, Centennial Park, and by the time we got home at 7:45 it was already too warm for my taste. So we're going to Manly Beach one last time with our friends Simeon and Rachel and their 2-year-old Elsie. One more fish and chips meal, one more time frolicking in the waves on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We can't wait!

Today begins the "saying goodbye" phase of our time here. I was already crying about it this morning. John hugged me and told me it was my fault for finding so many great friends. We are enormously excited to get back to California and see all our friends there (and in Arizona and Michigan and...), but it doesn't make it any less painful to say goodbye now. (Okay, no more talking about it, going to cry again.)

We arrive back in LA on November 23, so we'll get to have an American Thanksgiving!!! We're sooo excited about that! LOL! Then...only God knows what happens next. We'll wait and see, and let you know when we find out! :)