Friday, June 03, 2011

Kitty's Visiting the U.S.

(Kitty) It's hard to believe, but in less than a week I'll have finished my master's degree and I'll be on a plane to Los Angeles. Woo-hooo! It's basically one HUGE writing trip. The day after I get there I'm going to my local Romance Writers of America chapter meeting. I haven't been for two years so - YAY!

Then the following Thursday I go to an annual writer's retreat for four days. It's my favorite and I haven't been for two years. I'm so excited to see all my friends!

The next weekend is the main reason for the whole trip - the RWA National Conference in New York City!! I've never been to New York - I'm so awesomely excited!! And I haven't been to a national RWA conference in - you guessed it - two years.

I guess I better get back to my homework so I can enjoy that 14-hour plane ride without any guilt about having dropped the ball on the last assignment of the degree. :)