Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Red Dawn

(John) I had heard yesterday that we were in store for a windy day today, but WOW, I was not ready for what Sydney had in store for us early this morning. Here are a variety of pics from around Sydney...

We are not sure where the dust was picked up from, but it hit All of Sydney and surrounding cities. The dust has settled around 12:00pm, but the winds are suppose to continue through the day. One quotes from an Australian news web site had the photographer saying he was "Expecting Martian war machine to lurch into view any minute."


Anonymous said...

another phototaken by a RedBubble member:
NB it is copyrighted!

Werner (http://www.redbubble.com/people/fotowerner)

John & Kitty said...

The comment above reminds me to say that we are only posting pictures that others have taken so that you all can see what we see. They aren't our pictures, and we do understand they are copyrighted. If anyone is disturbed by this copy-paste feature on a personal blog that gets no advertising dollars, let us know and we will try to only link to cool pictures in future instead of pasting them in.

Kitty :)

Bronwyn said...

The dust storm came from west Queensland. Bourke, which is a town that is 775 km north west of Sydney had the storm at 3.30 tuesday afternoon. It hit Sydney and everywhere up to the Gulf of Carpentaria... The dust is all good topsoil that farmers would not like to see vanish.

DDerus said...

Okay, that's pretty cool