Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Traverse City Trip

These pictures embody the second day of our Traverse City trip. The first couple of pictures are the view from our hotel room at the Holiday Inn (nice view of Grand Traverse Bay.)
The next is a picture of Kitty and a snow angel that was done outside the hotel.
The next set of pictures are from the brunch where we surprised our moms. My mother arrived first and nearly fell down when I stepped out to say Hi as she got to the table. Kitty's mother was so stunned, I don't think she recognized her own daughter at first. These pictures were taken after everyone had calmed down and had something to eat.
The next couple are us getting ready to leave and David and his wife Annie at David's work. (We had a short brunch because he had to work.)
The last two are of Kitty outside of the Holiday Inn and outside the Cherry Capital Airport when we picked up the rental car.

P.S. If you don't know this, you can click on the photos to make them larger.

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Bridgette said...

What a fun Christmas surprise for your moms!! And you got to see some snow - I'm still waiting for our snow. It was in the 60s last week - blah! Anyway, we have a Christmas card ready for you, can you give us your new address? Thanks and have a beautiful very merry Christmas!

P.S. We'll be coming out to L.A. in January and we'd LOVE to see you and introduce you to Brennan. Jan 19-28. Let us know when you have some time. I think we're going up to Big Bear with my family for part of it, but I hope we can work something out.