Friday, December 01, 2006

My Wife: Wonder Woman

A couple of days ago we received our storage unit from Door to Door. While I have been working all day at Threshold Entertainment, Kitty almost single handedly is unpacking everything and getting everything put into place (she had help from our friend Mellisa), taken to Goodwill or put in our new storage unit (we are trying to cram stuff from our old 2 bedroom apartment into a small studio apartment - it ain't going to happen!) I've tried to talk to Kitty into wearing the Wonder Woman outfit, but she drew the line.
As we unpack, I realized the scope and daunting task it was to pack our old apartment in Burbank while I was in Sydney working at Animal Logic. I have to thank all of our friend for helping Kitty with everything, and of course, thanks to my wife - Wonder Woman!


Gaffney said...

Oh, now it makes sense.
I couldn't figure out how she was learning all my secrets while boxing up books. But the golden lasso explains it all. :)

Bridgette said...

See my comment on "Happy Feet." :0)