Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Alice in Chains and Hurt

I have been a bad boy lately with not keeping everyone up-to-date on stuff.
Last night I had a chance to go see Alice in Chains at The Wiltern in Hollywood.
The concert was AMAZING!
For the people who are not familiar with the group, the lead singer of Alice in Chains, Layne Staley, died of heroin overdose about 4 years ago. Alice in Chains has been on hiatus until recently when they replaced him with William DuVall. William sounds just like Layne and was amazing how the group sounded live! I took my friend Ryan, and while he wasn't familiar with all of their music, he was impressed with the concert and the group. HURT did and hour show with Alice in Chains doing a 2 hour show. Alice did a nice acoustic set in the middle of the concert, instead of at the end like I have seen in some concerts. They also played a couple of video clips that was a tribute to Layne as they set up and tore down their acoustic stage.
A special shout out to HURT, the opening band. They sounded very tight live and the music was a good match for opening band for Alice.
Overall it was well worth the 3 hours on my feet and the expensive tickets from Ticketmaster and the $30 t-shirt.

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