Tuesday, November 21, 2006

HAPPY FEET Opens at #1!

Hi friends! If you haven't already heard, the movie John worked on in Sydney opened at Number 1 this weekend! It's been very exciting to see all the advertising here in LA (not much in Sydney by the time we left), and then go see it, and then find out it opened at #1. Friday night (opening night) we saw it at an IMAX theater with Maggie Langley and some of her friends. Maggie worked with John in Sydney, and now they work together here in Santa Monica. (She's super nice!) Sunday, we saw it again with friends from church - about 16 of us! - with lots of cheering and clapping when John's name came up! We'll be seeing it again the day after Thanksgiving with our pseudo-family in Temecula. Whew! Thankfully, we like the movie, so it's fun to see it several times! :)

It's been a rough couple of weeks as we've moved into our new apartment in Santa Monica and tried to get things organized. Among other things, I (Kitty) about went ballistic when my new MacBook wouldn't connect to our new Internet connection and the Apple tech had me reinstall the operating system. Now I can "see" but can't access my old data! That's one of the things that made it a hard week, and I don't think you'd want to read what I wrote but didn't post. :)

But it's a new week and, as the guest speaker said at church on Sunday, what's really important is that God loves us so much He'd rather die than be without us. The rest just isn't that important - even though it seems like it at the time. :) So this week we're trying to take everything in stride. We will have lived here without furniture or pots and pans for 2 1/2 weeks before it's delivered, but we're managing. And my friend Milissa is going to help me unpack everything when the storage company delivers our stuff next week. Hurray!! I'm looking forward to next Tuesday night - the first night we've slept in our own bed in over a year!

We're going to try to keep you updated on things - especially when we hear things about the potential New Zealand job and how things are moving along with my book - at least twice a week. We hope you enjoy the pictures (more coming, have to get the camera connected to John's new computer first) and our little stories!

Love and Hugs!
Kitty :)

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Bridgette said...

Hi Guys! Congrats on a #1 movie. I told Don we HAVE to go see it. I think it looks fun and the animation looks fantastic - plus we need to see your name up there. I've decided you're my claim to fame right now, John.

"Oh have you seen that 'Happy Feet' yet?"

"No, but I can't wait to see it. I have a friend who's an animator that worked on the movie."

"Wow, that's really cool! And so are you, Bridgette, because you know him."

"Well, thanks, I know..."

Okay, so the latter half of the penultimate quote and the last quote are an exaggeration, but people do think it's pretty neat and I don't mind claiming you as my friend.

Now Kitty, once you get your book in B&N, then I'm set! :0)

BTW, thank you sooooo much for the beautiful blanket. It's gorgeous - truly! It's so snuggly and the color is perfect. Brennan will get a proper thank you out soon.

Love you!