Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy Halloween!!
We celabrated Halloween with our friends in Temecula. Dougs brother, David, and his wife were kind enough to throw a little party. There was lost of witches brew to drink, burgers to eat, and of course CANDY!
Here are a couple of costumes that showed up:

Friends of the hosts showed up as a ketchup and mustard bottles.

Here is Kitty and our friend Doug. Kitty is a jillaroo and Doug was a friar.

Here is Kitty and I. I had to come as a beat up rugby player.

Our hosts sister and husband came as a mobster and his floozy.

Our host David, is dressed as King, and his 11 month old son, Blake, was dressed as a dragon!
Our other host, Janinne is seen in the background dressed as a fairy.

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hermitdeb said...

Your email bounced back, but I'm going to be in the L.A. area Dec.9-16 and would love to see you. Pop me a note if you'll be around!