Monday, June 09, 2008

The Beach Boys!!

(Kitty) Last night, I went with my friends Doug and Marlene to see The Beach Boys live in concert! What great fun! It was fantastic to see the real, live Beach Boys perform just a hundred or so feet away, playing a ton of songs I know by heart. But there was something kind of strange and vastly amusing about seeing a gray-haired 60+ year old man flirting with dyed-haired 50+ year old women crowding the base of the stage. LOL!

There were a total of seven people in the band last night, one of which I think is a son of one of the Beach Boys, but only two of the guys were originals. Didn't matter that much to me because they were good - and one guy sounded sooo much like one of the missing originals! In any case, they all looked like they were having a great time, and Doug and Marlene and I were having a great time, so I guess that makes it a success! LOL!

Here are some pictures I found on the Internet since we weren't allowed to bring cameras.


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