Monday, April 27, 2009


(Kitty) We had the most delicious meal yesterday - big meaty sandwiches, micro-brewed beer, and later a brownie for dessert. Mmm...

Then we weighed ourselves this morning as we do every Monday. Eek!

So today we decided to have a weight loss competition! We are both going to try to lose 22 pounds by July 2, a little more than 2 pounds per week. Eek! The person who loses the most weight gets $50 to spend however they want. If the runner-up reaches at least 75% of their goal, they get $20.

I don't care that much about the money, it's the competition that is making this fun! All I can say is - the game is on!!

P.S. Vote for ME!!


Debbie said...

Keep in mind that "The Biggest Loser" does it based on percentage of weight loss, not based on pounds, because if you start heavier, you are likely going to lose more pounds faster. You and John going head to head for the same pound weight loss will put John at a distinct advantage. I say the game is on, and have fun... but give yourself a shot at the big bucks!! :)

Anonymous said...

Kitty- try I have lost 25 pounds by just simple exercise(Lots of walking) and watching my caloric intake, and eating sensibly. I can still eat things I like, but I'm not willing to eat a lofthouse cookie that takes an hour on the treadmill to get rid of. I'm voting for you!