Thursday, May 06, 2010

Going to Melbourne!

(Kitty) Spending all day trying to catch up on everything that needs to be done in the next few days - because we won't be here! We'll be in Melbourne!! We're really excited because we've never been there and everyone says it's wonderful!

John will be able to use his anniversary present to record the fun times. I bought him a Canon SLR 550D digital camera. He was speechless! Yay! I surprised him! (That's very difficult to do!) I'll just walk around looking pretty. Why? John gave me "the key to his heart" - a little key in rose gold, heart-shaped at one end, from Tiffany's. He saw a picture of one a few weeks ago and decided that's what he wanted to give me for our 20th anniversary. Awwww!!! We went to the store and tried on a few different kinds, but that one looked the best on me. I love it!

Then we went to The Meat and Wine Co. and ate steaks the size of my head! LOL! They were huge! And delicious!! Again, John knows how much I love a great steak dinner, and how easily I can get tired of the huge variety of oriental restaurants that everyone but me loves, so he decided days ago that he would find a really nice non-pub steak place. And wow, did he make a great choice!

We finished off the evening with Tim Tam slams! LOL! (You bite the ends off a Tim Tam cookie and stick it in a mug of hot chocolate, slurp the hot chocolate through the cookie, then hurry and shove it in your mouth before the whole thing falls apart! LOL! It's awesome in the winter!)

Okay, no time for more! Gotta get packed! Tell you all about the trip next week!
Our love and hugs to everyone! :)

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Kristin said...

Are you still in Melbourne? What's going on?