Monday, May 03, 2010

Our 20th Anniversary Party

(Kitty) We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary with friends on Sunday May 2 - which just happened to be 22 years to the day of John giving me my ring at our Spring Formal at Northwestern Michigan College. Yay!!

We brought food for morning tea after church Sunday morning - I made brownies and Russian Teacakes (little shortbread cookies) - and we bought some other favorite Aussie snacks. Then we hurried home to finish cleaning and preparing for our party. Everyone who made it just happen to be friends from church, so it was fun that everyone knew each other.

Linda and Glen brought us a Blackforest cake from The Cheesecake Shop - mmm! Neville brought his camera and took the group picture below. John grilled drumsticks on the BBQ on our balcony while I pumped everyone full of sweet and savory snacks. The adults talked - and I told a looooonnng story about how we met - LOL! - and the kids watched CARS on TV.

I'm not sure how John ended up with Baby Luke, but I couldn't resist taking a picture of them playing. Then Linda suggested the "Suprise! We have a baby! How'd that happen?" picture for fun. LOL! I hope you enjoy all the pictures! We had a great time!

Wednesday is our actual anniversary. John took the day off and my teacher encouraged me not to come to class that night, so we're going to spend a day of fun together. Then next weekend, we're going to Melbourne! We've never been there and have wanted to see it. Plus there was an airfare special that couldn't be beat, and we wanted to go somewhere anyway to celebrate. I'll post about that when we get back. Have a great week!

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