Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Day 1 of the Rest of My Life

Thinking and planning about goals, resolutions and dreams takes up the brain-space of many a mortal this time of year. Not least of which is me, Kitty. Our pastor gave a brilliant sermon Sunday on dreams - big dreams! The kind that will never come to pass unless God is involved.

So I'm writing down goals and thinking about what kind of big dreams I have, the kind that are impossible without God's help. John already has his big dream figured out - he's sent out his updated demo reel to Weta Digital in New Zealand, and now only God can do any more to get John a job there next month.

I spent the day taking my current #1 goal - finishing this book and getting it to my agent - and breaking it down into pieces. As I read in one goal-planning article last week, the more pieces you can break your goal into, the more items get crossed off as completed, and the better you feel about yourself. This in turn lends additional motivation and courage to continuing on to the end. So...I'm off to cross another piece off my goal list.

Meanwhile, I'm still thinking about what my big dream is... Do you have one?


Jon Bonnell said...

Yeah, to get Myndsparc into the hands of the world and make million-dollar business from it.

Bridgette said...

My big dream is to write for the International section of Newsweek and/or work for the United Nations. Maybe also write a book in there. :0)

Ladyhawke said...

My big dream? I have 2-- to actually get my work published and into the marketplace.

Second, to have a place called Haven, somewhere near the Appalachian trail. It will be largely self-sufficient, and a place where I can welcome people in need of restoration and healing. Families, or a couple of individuals. There will be work for them to do, a library full of good books, quiet places to meet with God, fresh air and healthy food.