Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Most Wonderful Place in the World

From Kitty - No, not Disney World. The LIBRARY. I just love that word. It reminds me of every wonderful place I've ever been. The musty smell of my childhood library lent atmosphere to the world Anne of Green Gables lives in. The dark basement of an old library makes a thriller even scarier. The high-tech look of a new one makes you want to go shopping at Best Buy. And the joys of finding a big one...ahhhh...thank you, God!!

Where did this come from? I finally got my Santa Monica library card yesterday! Hurray!!!! The library is SOO big and has a HUGE fiction section and a HUMONGOUS "New Fiction" section, as well as tables with outlets to plug in your laptop. Plus there are FOUR branches in the 12 sq mile city, so I'm walking distance from TWO of them! Ohhh, I'm in love!

The best (worst? I don't have much time right now!) part was finding two books I've been wanting to read right in front of my face in the New Fiction area. I checked out Karen Marie Moning's DARKFEVER and Diana Peterfreund's SECRET SOCIETY GIRL. I was up till 3:20am putting all my data in Quicken as part of my goal to be more organized this year. But I couldn't help myself - I read Karen's book for another 20 minutes! (I'm going to wiped today!)

Monday looks to be a great day already - walking John to work and then walking to the library with my laptop to write until John gets out for lunch. Then we'll walk home together. Doesn't that sound almost blissful?! LOL!!!

Hope you're all having a great day, too! Oh, and forgive us for not writing recently. John is now working 9-7, and I've been crazy busy trying to get end-of-year-beginning-of-year "stuff" done. More posts - and pictures - soon!

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