Saturday, February 03, 2007

New Yahoo Group

From Kitty - Hi everyone! We're trying to come up with great ways to stay in touch with all our friends and family without having our personal information on the Internet for all to see. So we created a Yahoo Group. If you join it, you'll get occasional emails from us with the latest news (not unlike what we post here), some pictures (again, not unlike here), our Christmas newsletter (which won't be posted here), and our updated contact information (which will never be posted here.) :)

Over the next week, we'll be sending invitations to all the email addresses we have for people we think might be interested. If you haven't gotten an invitation and want one, search the Yahoo Groups site for "johnandkittysfanclub" (John and Kitty's Fan Club) and click on the button that says, Join This Group. Be sure to put your full name in the comments section so we know who you are. And if you're a friend of old finding us on the web, be sure to remind us how we know you, especially if your name has changed. We won't want to add anyone we don't know, and we'll be on the lookout for spam. :)

If you're having problems figuring out how it works, just email us and we'll try to walk you through it. (I'll try to write up a how-to that I can send out to people.) Meanwhile, have a great weekend! We're off to see "Pan's Labyrinth" soon. Hope it's good.

Cheers! :)

P.S. Please forgive John for not posting much. He's working long hours again.

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Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

you can do this through too. Didn't know if you knew you could do this.

When you're on dashboard you can select permissions and list those you wish to share with. :)