Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Cool Crew

I have to thank my cousin Paul for these great pictures. He has recently set to scanning in a bunch of old photos of us and our dads. This one shows Paul, David and I outside Paul's house when we were little tykes. David is on the left, Paul in the middle, I'm on the right. (When I was a kid, my mom always dressed me in green's and brown's so she could tell us apart.)

More photos will be posted later.


Bridgette said...

Ha - you were too cute, John! I'm really digging those flared bell-bottoms - woo hoo!

John & Kitty said...

Yeah Bridgette, after seeing this picture I thought about working some flared bottom pants into my wardrobe, but I didn't look as NEARLY as cool as when I was a kid.

family gregg said...

i'm still thinking that's bradley in the middle.