Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thought for the Week

Kitty here. Thinking about the intersection of a lot of ideas in my head this past week. I've been in a new writing class, and started going to a new Bible study, and our church is doing a sermon series called "Hope: Seeing Through Tears" during Lent. Two things have really stuck with me regarding being a better writer, and a better/happier person.

Be grateful.

Enjoy what you do.

They really kind of relate to each other. If I'm focusing on what I can thank God for in my life, I can keep my mind on the positive things - things that make me happy in one way or another. When I'm focused like that, particularly when I'm working, I can relax and enjoy my work more. As a writer, when I relax and enjoy my work, I do a better job, too!

The great part about this is that if you're looking for things to be grateful for, you'll find some. Then when you tell God thank you for this and that, you feel more grateful and remember more things to be grateful for. Then you tell God, "Hey, and thanks for this, too!" and then you're feeling more grateful, and finding more things to be grateful for, etc., etc.

I suspect John would call this my butterfly theory. Why? Because when we pray together and I'm in a grateful frame of mind, I thank God for everything - including butterflies, green grass, blue sky, the beach, etc., etc! It makes John a little crazy sometimes, but I think God likes it. :)

What are you grateful for?

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