Sunday, March 04, 2007

Going Hog Wild?

O.K., it's not a hog, but I did just buy a friend's motorcycle. I was looking at a Harley Davidson 883 Sportster from a local dealer. My friend Myk heard this and called to tell me that they are considering moving back up to San Francisco and offered to sell me his bike to help fund a possible move, and give his garage a little more space for a newer car for his wife. So I bought his Yamaha 650 V-Star Classic. I have been riding mostly on neighborhood streets and on a couple major traffic roads. Kitty seems very happy with my bike and wants me to practice a lot so I can get her on the back of the bike soon.

I have all the stuff needed: leather jacket - check, full bike helmet with the Hot Wheels logo on the side - check, and a new pair of motorcycle boots - check! Myk even sold me his gloves, chaps, a pair of extra helmets, and a small leather jacket that fits Kitty to a T. Had thought about getting an tattoos or growing myself a handlebar mustache, but Kitty quickly shot both those ideas down.


A Mountainbiker said...

Where are the pedals Bro?

John & Kitty said...

California has made me lazy brother. I opted for the "pedal free" model.