Saturday, January 05, 2008

Gorgeous Weather

(Kitty) I'm not speaking for anyone who is living on the street, or lives in a flash flood or mud slide area, I'm just speaking for Kitty who grew up in Michigan with about 7 seasons and now lives in CA with about 2.


It's all dark and gray and cloudy and cold and perfect for hot cocoa and soup! And I LOVE it!! The only weird part is that for some reason the backyard smelled like wet dog when it first started raining and none of us has dogs. Ha, ha! Weird.

Well, I'm done here. Time for some more hot cocoa! :)


Dana Belfry said...

I'm confused. We have two seasons, what are they? Hot and not-so-hot?

John & Kitty said...

LOL! Yup! But more like "not as hot" rather than "not-so-hot" - it's not like the non-hot is a bad season. In fact, it's my favorite season!! (I can hear millions of Californians disagreeing with me!) -- Kitty