Saturday, January 12, 2008

No Fear

(Kitty) Last night (Friday) I had my second riding lesson this week. I'm not sure what happened, but Bonnie must've said something on Wednesday because for the first time ever, I was riding without fear. And what an amazing difference it made! I trotted, and learned to do a posting trot, and I did quite a bit of cantering. I've never cantered for more than a few paces before - I'd always been afraid of falling off. This time was soo different - at one point Bonnie said, "Kitty, bring Max back to a walk." I looked at her and frowned and said, "Aren't I walking?" I was so comfortable with this slow trot Max has that I was sure I must've been walking!

It makes me think about how we live our lives as well. How many things do we want to do, try to do, and stop when we're almost there because we're afraid we'll fall? By the time my one hour lesson was over, I was sweating all the way through my shirt (underneath my down-filled winter coat - it is Michigan in January!). Learning to do something well takes a lot of work! But over the last thirty years, I've chosen not to give up trying to learn to ride. (I don't see my sister very often, so it's taken time!) And now - finally - I am beginning to reap my reward.

I hope you find something in your life that you've once again decided not to give up on. Good luck!

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Catherine said...

Great post Kitty! Thanks!
Fear controls so much of my life. I guess sometimes it does take getting older (can we hear 40 approaching??) to try some new things (like quitting jobs?!).
Have fun out there!